Teaching Media Production to Middle School students

“For two years, I taught a middle school class called Media Production. This course lasted for nine weeks and was taught four times a year to both 8th graders and 6th graders. I designed the course and included topics in which I was personally interested. I’ve had lots of requests for information about teaching Media Production and wanted to make the information available to help other teachers.”  Stephanie Drotos

Stephanie Drotos’ Teaching Media Production is a very valuable website for educators interested in creating a media production curriculum. This site lays out in clear detail, everything you need to teach a nine-week middle school media production course.

The site was created by a middle teacher for other middle school teachers interested in creating (or expanding) media production courses concentrating on teaching stop-motion animation, desktop publishing, video production.

The site includes course outlines, day-to-day lesson plans, sample class handouts and teacher resources.  If you are an educator teaching media production, I think you’ll be well rewarded looking at Stephanie’s course ideas.

Media Production Tools – Sound Effects, Animated Video Backgrounds, Royalty Free Music

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