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UniqueTracks licenses stock music to media producers for use in film and TV productions, game apps, videos and advertising.

Interview with Rock Guitarist and Soundtrack Producer Dan Morrissey

Some of our favorite tracks at UniqueTracks.com have been written and produced by Dan Morrissey.

Based in London, Dan has been a full-time guitarist, musician & composer since the age of 18. Recently his work has been licensed by Molson Coors Brewing Co., ESPN, BBC Radio 5 Live, and Eurosport Network.

We talked recently about his musical experiences, his background and how he conceives of the tracks he produces. A brief excerpt from that conversation is featured below.

You mentioned that one of your songs was covered by Jeff Beck on his 2006-2009 world tours. How did that relationship come about?

I met Jeff Beck at an Imogen Heap concert in about 2006. I plucked up the courage to quickly go and say hello to him and asked if he’d mind if I sent him a CD of my music. He agreed and gave me the details of his manager.

About 5 weeks later I got a call at just after midnight. A female voice told me that Jeff Beck would like to talk to me. He came on to the phone and I was almost speechless. He told me he’d really enjoyed all of the CD but there was one track called ‘ Scottish One‘ that he really loved. He asked if I’d mind if he played it during his impending tour ‘to relieve the boredom’ of playing all his old tracks. Of course, I was gobsmacked and told him it would be an honor. He went on to play ‘Scottish One‘ round the world, as his encore for the concerts over the next 3 years.

What musical experiences did you have that made you want to pursue music as a career?

After studying classical piano for 5 years until age 13, I gave up music for a few years to concentrate on playing football, I got back into music through my school friends, who all liked ‘70s hippie music – Cream, Hendrix, the Doors etc. This was entertaining but when I heard harder bands like UFO and AC/DC, my world of possibilities suddenly expanded infinitely and I knew that I had to learn the electric guitar and in that style.

So from the age of 17, I was in bands playing original music. Cover or Tribute bands were never my thing. I’m not sure I ever really decided to make music for a living. It was just my obsession and I simply could not stop.

What is your favorite thing about performing? Least favorite?

The best thing about performing live is the rush and the reaction of the audience. It makes all those hours of driving to venues, loading gear and waiting around to soundcheck all worthwhile, no question.

How do you conceive of your tracks? Can you elaborate on your recording/producing process?

Tracks can come into being in a manner of ways for me. Sometimes I sit down with a guitar and play until something pops up that I can envision developing into a full blown track. Sometimes I go through various synth sounds until a spark appears and that leads me on to gradually build upon it. Other times I get an idea just as I am about to fall asleep and decide that life is too short, that I simply have to get up and start recording, lest it be lost in the ether forever. Quite inconvenient!

But inspiration cannot really be ignored. Sometimes though, ideas have to ground out and crafted. To be really worked at until they take shape. I’m very fortunate not to suffer from writer’s block. Recently I was very generously passed on an ear infection by my two-year-old daughter, Minnie. I was half deaf for 3 weeks. When I finally regained my hearing, it was like the dam walls had burst. Ideas came at me tumultuously for about a month solid. Nothing inspires like absence, I’ve found. I rarely take a day off from music. My brain won’t really allow it.

ENERGY WAVE by Dan Morrissey
Soft piano builds towards a huge uplifting rock chorus. Positive with great energy.  Big guitars! Perfect for business presentation, video marketing, on hold marketing, video production uses.

DISTANCE by Dan Morrissey
An example of a PSA or Documentary style using the soundtrack DISTANCE composed by Dan Morrissey. Longing, want, separation, hope, being alone… These are the moods conveyed in this dramatic track. A heartfelt piano is the lead instrument.

ADRENALINE by Dan Morrissey
Raw energy, big guitars, conveys strength, winning, an achievement attained through effort. Post Punk Foo Fighters style mixed with strong, mucho shredded lead guitar lines.

UniqueTracks Production Music Library prides itself on the quality of its music.

We know you don’t have time to sift through pages of unfocused search results. Instead, we show you stock music selects that quickly satisfy your soundtrack needs.

We feature a limited number of professional composers whose music we believe is licensable and useful to music supervisors and media creators searching for a stock music solution.

Our experience has led us to believe that the greatest challenge for customers on sites like ours is managing the speed of the search process. Reducing the time it takes to find workable music is the main thrust of our site.

To that end, we do not offer a library of hundreds of thousands of tracks. Rather, our library is somewhat narrow, with each track having to pass an ‘ear test’ as to its functionality as a soundtrack. We hope that by raising the quality/functionality bar at the outset, you will reduce the time it takes to find the track you need.

Top 15 songs for Thanksgiving Projects

Wedged between Halloween and Christmas projects,  media creation for Thanksgiving can often feel rushed.  If you’re working on a Thanksgiving presentation or ad campaign, whether setting scenes for the holiday feast, the parade, the church service or the big football game, we have a soundtrack that will lift your project and strike just the right tone.

The following soundtracks will contribute a heartfelt and hopeful mood to your Thanksgiving production.

Also listen to:

Premium Stock Music for Film, TV, Advertising and Interactive. Editor-selected, Easy Search, Fast Results UniqueTracks has a vast library of music loops and grooves plus a large selection of classical production music available for licensing into your production.

Top 10 songs for Halloween Projects

A major element of any successful horror film or Halloween ad campaign won’t be found in ghoulish effects, frightening make-up, or inspired casting. The music, the soundtrack of a horror scene, from a scorching main theme to an eerily quiet atmospheric rustling in the upper strings, can transform a good scene into a great one.

A wide range of scary soundtracks from the UniqueTracks stock music library is listed below.  More can be found on our page devoted to Halloween music.  Here, you’re sure to find the evilest, spine-tingling music you need to take your project to its ultimate fiendish perfection.

Our top ten horror/mystery soundtracks for the Halloween season:

  1. Queen of the Vampires
  2. Out of the Ruins
  3. Mysterious Passage
  4. Big Horror
  5. Dark Forces
  6. Destructive Impulses
  7. Dimension Unknown
  8. Dark Clouds
  9. Anatomy of a Nightmare
  10. Creature Feature

Also, see:

Premium Stock Music for Film, TV, Advertising and Interactive. Editor-selected, Easy Search, Fast Results UniqueTracks has a vast library of music loops and grooves plus a large selection of classical production music available for licensing into your production.

New stock music – Hollywood Action Adventure soundtracks

Stock Music for Action Adventure Projects

UniqueTracks is proud to release a new collection of Hollywood-style action/adventure stock music soundtracks. This set features orchestral movie soundtracks perfect for battle scenes, chase scenes, and subject matter relating to military, conflict/war.

The collection features a big orchestral sound featuring powerful horns, strings, and eerie choir textures. The music reflects the Spiderman or Iron Man franchises for a big orchestral style.  Also, think of big epic Hollywood films like Gladiator or Braveheart.

The collection contains thunderous orchestral soundtracks in Hollywood’s powerful action-adventure style. This volume can be used to underscore heroic emotions like victory, battle, bravery, combat and discipline. There is a martial quality to these soundtracks which make them perfect for projects dealing with the military or patriotism.

Stand-out stock music tracks include:

Premium Stock Music for Film, TV, Advertising and Interactive. Editor-selected, Easy Search, Fast Results.  UniqueTracks has a vast library of music loops and grooves plus a large selection of classical production music available for licensing into your production.

UniqueTracks stock music in action

Eric Wyatt and the video production creatives at e-media, in Ft. Myers Florida recently produced a promo spot for Bedslide which featured some tracks from the UniqueTracks Production Music Library.

Bedslide makes a unique sliding utility for loading and unloading trucks. Basically, it turns your truck bed into a sliding drawer.

As Eric told me recently,

“The marketing department [at Bedslide] wanted to use something with a hard rock sound for music. Thankfully we had your stock rock music tracks.”

Here is the spot, shot for under $3000. Neat product.

The songs licensed in this video are:

Premium Stock Music for Film, TV, Advertising and Interactive. Editor-selected, Easy Search, Fast Results.  UniqueTracks has a vast library of music loops and grooves plus a large selection of classical production music available for licensing into your production.

Retro Hollywood Movie Soundtracks – New Stock Music

UniqueTracks has just released new stock music soundtracks written in the style of the grand Hollywood films of the past. This collection was composed by Emmy Award-winning film composer Misha Segal.

Included in this set are grand orchestral fanfares, underscores for suspense thrillers, film noir themes, a good helping of early Dixieland jazz, action adventure, and cowboy western scores, spy movie themes and romantic comedy cues, all performed in a retro orchestral style from Hollywood’s glorious past.

Retro Hollywood Movie Soundtracks is a collection of film scores that captures the Hollywood of bygone eras from pre-war black-and-white movies up to the movies of the 1970s.

Highlight Stock Music Tracks include:

Premium Stock Music for Film, TV, Advertising and Interactive. Editor-selected, Easy Search, Fast Results.  UniqueTracks has a vast library of music loops and grooves plus a large selection of classical production music available for licensing into your production.

How to best use stock media in your production

UT0403_product-01Stock media companies provide ready-made media content that can be legally added to your work in a matter of minutes.

What is Stock Media? – Stock Media includes photographs, illustrations, video footage, music recordings, sound effects, Flash animations, website templates, PowerPoint backgrounds, and clipart.

Many stock music companies refer to themselves as libraries because, like a library, they carry a broad array of materials that tries to satisfy a wide range of tastes and needs.

Licensed Not Sold – With stock media, what you are really buying is a license that gives you permission to use the material you’re interested in.

Once you have a license you don’t, in fact, own the material. It is still owned by the stock media company. They remain the copyright holders. Your license lets you legally use the material in your production.  There are two main types of stock licenses.

  1. Rights Managed – The price of a Rights Managed license depends on how you wish to use the media you’re interested in.  For instance, is it going to be used in a national advertising campaign or is it for your company brochure?  Is it being considered for a PowerPoint presentation or is it going to be used in a motion picture?  Each usage has a different price.A Rights Managed license also takes into consideration how long you will use the media. Periods usually range from 3 months to several years.  If you are going to include the material in a product, your license will be based on how many pieces you plan to manufacture.  With a right managed license, at the end of the license period, you no longer have permission to use the media. Your relationship with the company ends (unless you extend your license).
  2. Royalty Free – Royalty free means you are not charged a fee for each separate commercial use of the media. You can use the material as often as you’d like for as long as you’d like. You pay an initial fee for the license and are then free and clear of any further licensing restraints. Licensing is fast and easy, with one price you acquire synchronization rights to use the music as background music in your production.

A Rights Managed license is more expensive Why? Usually, the production values for Rights Managed media is higher.  The media has more of a professional sheen than royalty free media.  Also, in some cases, for instance, a Rights Managed photo, the stock company will remove the photo from circulation for the period of your license.  No one else can use it.

This is a huge advantage for Rights Managed licenses. It protects against simultaneous use – so your competitor won’t be using the same photo as you to launch their ad campaign. When you use royalty free content, there is no such protection. The same photo or music track may be being used by hundreds of companies at the same time.

The question to ask is…is this important to me? Do I care if another company is using this image or this particular web template? If you do, then you will want to pursue a Rights Managed solution. If on the other hand, it really doesn’t matter to you, then you’ll want to take a serious look at royalty free media because it is so much cheaper.

Stock by any other name – Rights Managed recordings are also known as “needle-drops” in the stock music world. This name came from the days of actually lowering a phonograph needle onto a record to place the music into a production. With compact discs in the 1980s, it started to be called a “laser-drop”.   Both terms are confusing.  I find Rights Managed to be a much better description.

Royalty free is sometimes called “buy out”. I’ve also seen it referred to as “copyright-free” but this is really an error. The material is in fact fully copyrighted by the stock media company.

UniqueTracks is a stock music company that offers Rights Managed licensing.  This means each license is written for your exact usage.  We began licensing stock music in 1998.  For more information about our recordings and music licensing packages, please visit us at

New Rock Music from UniqueTracks Stock Music Library

Speed Demons, UniqueTracks’ latest stock music release features one of tightest, most hard-driving bands in our whole portfolio.  Riff-driven hard rock, metal, and punk styles are included. This is some of the best rock music you will hear in the stock music market.

The set creates great energy and matches perfectly with sports footage, high-speed vehicle imagery or any product that needs a boost of testosterone. Upbeat and unabashed, this music creates a fearless, powerful and confident soundtrack.

These are instrumental tracks driven by huge guitar riffs, stellar lead playing, and a great overall band vibe.

Highlight Tracks Include:

Premium Stock Music for Film, TV, Advertising, and Interactive. Editor-selected, Easy Search, Fast Results.  UniqueTracks has a vast library of music loops and grooves plus a large selection of classical production music available for licensing into your production.

New Stock Music from Argentina & the Andes Mountains

Andes Music stock music collectionUniqueTracks has just commissioned a new stock music collection from Argentinian composer Leopoldo Ciancaglini. This world music flavored collection features ancient wooden flutes, exotic percussion instruments, and some really brilliant acoustic guitar playing.

The collection is inspired by the music of the original inhabitants of what is now Argentina. Usually one thinks of the Tango as the sound of Argentina but here the music is more native and earthy – similar to that made by the indigenous people of the Andes Mountains.

This music has been specially designed to function as background music soundtrack in your video or film production.

This set of inspiring stock music is a truly original and dramatic collection of soundtracks that will give you a wide range of exotic colors and moods to choose from. When used as background music, the unique qualities of these tracks will highlight the creative elements of your production.  There are several different arrangements of each theme.

Highlight tracks include:

So is it stock music or royalty free music?

The three most popular phrases used to describe the offerings of music production libraries like UniqueTracks are:

  • royalty free music
  • stock music
  • buy-out music

Of the three, the most accurate, to me, is stock music because it implies a collection of media that is immediately available to be used in a media production.

However, the phrase most often used to describe our services is royalty free music. The majority of new visitors to our website reach us through some type of search that includes the term “royalty-free”. Unfortunately, this term is fraught with misconceptions.

This is mainly because royalty-free music contains the word free. I get a lot of inquiries that go something like this:

  • by royalty free music, you mean ‘free’ music, don’t you?
  • do you know where I can get some ‘free’ royalty-free music?
  • royalty free music means ‘copyright free’ doesn’t it?

The three questions above highlight common misconceptions about what production music libraries do.

Production Music Libraries
Companies like UniqueTracks are in business to provide a fast and economical way for you to acquire the legal rights you need to use our tracks as background music in your own work. The simple online purchase of a royalty free music track immediately grants you the Synchronization and Master Use rights that you need to legally use the track in your production (what are master use and sync licenses?).

Music licensing is really our main product. For instance, when you purchase a stock music track from UniqueTracks, you are paying for a license that grants you a set of usage rights. This license comes directly from us, the publisher and owner of the recorded master tracks (some very large production music libraries are actually more like “brokers” for many different music publishers).

Public Performances and Performance Rights
When their music is used as background music in a television program, even businesses that advertise as “royalty free” music companies still require producers to file cue sheets with performance rights organizations like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC so their composers and publishers can receive performance royalties (payments) from the broadcast.

How is this royalty free? Good question. The truth is, the music isn’t royalty free for television broadcast use. This is usually explained in the company’s license agreement in the section titled Public Performances. No doubt, it adds to the confusion surrounding this term. But it’s the industry standard.

The following phrases are, to me, more accurate descriptions of what a production music library really offers:

  • One-Stop Music Licensing
  • Quick and Easy Music Licensing
  • Budget Music Licensing.
  • Music Licensing with Wide Usage Rights

One-Stop Music Licensing
If you’ve ever had the experience of licensing a popular music track, you know just how hard and expensive it can be to finally get the clearances necessary to actually use the track. You first have to locate and then negotiate Master Use rights from the record company that owns the recorded master (no easy thing for some tunes). You also have to locate and pay for a synchronization license from the music’s publisher.

Quick and Easy Music Licensing
Production Music Libraries exist to simplify the process. You can obtain Master Use and Sync licenses with the simple click of a mouse.

Budget Music Licensing
Prices are targeted at smaller production companies like independent film producers, video production companies, and multimedia producers. Stock Production Music Libraries fill the niche for media producers who want successful soundtracks but don’t have million dollar budgets to acquire the latest pop tracks.

Music Licensing with wide usage rights
Once licensed, you can use the music in perpetuity with a worldwide territory right letting you sell your production across the globe with no further fees due.

I’ve also found that many people’s perception of anything “royalty-free” is something of limited or even bad quality.

Admittedly, the royalty free music of the past did have a one-dimensional, cheesy quality to it. It mainly served the corporate video market of the late 1980s through the 1990s. The music was created mainly on synthesizers with a very upbeat feel and was incorporated into in-house presentations meant to inspire employees to better performance, to meet sales goals, etc. The musical arrangements had a lot of glitz and over-the-top electronic effects and were anything but subtle. This style really has no use for today’s media producers except maybe in some comical retro or kitschy way (the big ’80s!).

Until recently I used to call this style the “Weather Channel Sound” because it reminded me of the background music used by the 24-hour cable weather channel. Their music soundtracks have greatly improved though in the past few years. I’ve even heard tracks from Kind of Blue by Miles Davis accompanying my local forecast.

Sadly I still do hear this overly glitzy style of music in a lot of telephone on-hold message programming. Is this supposed to make me feel good while on hold?

So why do we use the phrase royalty free music on the UniqueTracks website? The main reason is that it is still the most searched for the phrase for our type of service. And the term does apply to some of the usage rights granted under our license agreement.

Our music is royalty free because in all cases except TV broadcast, you won’t pay any further license fees once you obtain the initial license. You can use the music in as many products, videos, multimedia projects as you wish. You can sell a product, like a DVD, that incorporates our tracks as background music without any further financial obligation whether you sell 1 copy or 100,000 copies.

The main benefit of licensing music this way is that you have covered yourself legally – you have licensed the music and can now legally use it as part of your own work. Remember, when creating any type of media production – if you don’t create the content personally or in-house,
you have to license the content to be able to incorporate it into your project. This is true of photos, video footage, music or any other audio. If you haven’t created it in-house, you need some type of license or release to use it in your work.

Music Production Libraries offer fast and affordable one-stop licensing letting you get on with the other creative aspects of media production.