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Top 10 songs for Halloween Projects

A major element of any successful horror film or Halloween ad campaign won’t be found in ghoulish effects, frightening make-up, or inspired casting. The music, the soundtrack of a horror scene, from a scorching main theme to an eerily quiet atmospheric rustling in the upper strings, can transform a good scene into a great one.

A wide range of scary soundtracks from the UniqueTracks stock music library is listed below.  More can be found on our page devoted to Halloween music.  Here, you’re sure to find the evilest, spine-tingling music you need to take your project to its ultimate fiendish perfection.

Our top ten horror/mystery soundtracks for the Halloween season:

  1. Queen of the Vampires
  2. Out of the Ruins
  3. Mysterious Passage
  4. Big Horror
  5. Dark Forces
  6. Destructive Impulses
  7. Dimension Unknown
  8. Dark Clouds
  9. Anatomy of a Nightmare
  10. Creature Feature

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