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High Impact Sound Effects

For many years UniqueTracks sold sound effects series directly on its home website.  Starting this month, we are launching a new site dedicated only to sound effects and motion video backgrounds.  The site is called High Impact Sound Effects.

High-Impact-Sound-Effects.com is dedicated to bringing you the best in big-value, low-priced, professional sound effects, royalty free

High Impact Sound Effects Series

The High-Impact Sound Effects Series is a four volume set of audio imaging sound effects. Each volume includes over 300 effects. This specially-priced Sound FX package will deliver just the right shot of audio adrenaline for your media projects.


High-Impact Sound Effects Series

Volume 1 Radio Imaging
Volume 2 TV Production
Volume 3 Multimedia Elements
Volume 4 Game Design FX

Blastwave FX is a major supplier of professional sound effects to Hollywood and the game production industry. Its design and engineering teams push the sound envelope with innovative product formats, rich metadata, multi-channel libraries and the highest resolution audio that technology allows.

Blastwave FX Premium Sound Effects

Podcaster – Podcast Production FX and Music Loops
Webtones – Buttons, Clicks, Beeps, Sounds for Flash Production
Spoilers – High Definition Commercial Beds
Drones – Expressive, Dramatic Low Register Sound Beds

Each volume in the ArtLoops series presents 40+ broadcast quality animated backgrounds. The set is geared towards International Relations, High-Tech and Business projects with a series of volumes offering animated national flags, globes, and world money. There is also a unique set of all alpha elements.

ArtLoops Video Backgrounds 6 Volume Series

Volume 1 High-Impact Tech
Volume 2 National Flags
Volume 3 All Alpha Channel
Volume 4 World Money
Volume 5 Subtle Expressions
Volume 6 Global Connections