New stock music – Hollywood Action Adventure soundtracks

Stock Music for Action Adventure Projects

UniqueTracks is proud to release a new collection of Hollywood-style action/adventure stock music soundtracks. This set features orchestral movie soundtracks perfect for battle scenes, chase scenes, and subject matter relating to military, conflict/war.

The collection features a big orchestral sound featuring powerful horns, strings, and eerie choir textures. The music reflects the Spiderman or Iron Man franchises for a big orchestral style.  Also, think of big epic Hollywood films like Gladiator or Braveheart.

The collection contains thunderous orchestral soundtracks in Hollywood’s powerful action-adventure style. This volume can be used to underscore heroic emotions like victory, battle, bravery, combat and discipline. There is a martial quality to these soundtracks which make them perfect for projects dealing with the military or patriotism.

Stand-out stock music tracks include:

Premium Stock Music for Film, TV, Advertising and Interactive. Editor-selected, Easy Search, Fast Results.  UniqueTracks has a vast library of music loops and grooves plus a large selection of classical production music available for licensing into your production.

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