Hello “Good Buy” Ad Campaign appropriates Beatles hit

Target Corporation has been using the classic Beatles song Hello Goodbye in its recent TV advertising. One spot aired during last Sunday’s Grammy Awards broadcast. They have changed the word Goodbye to “Good Buy” morphing the song’s refrain into an ad slogan “Hello Good Buy, Hello Good Buy, Hello Good Buy….” The campaign is “Say Hello to Good Buys at Target”.

Hello Goodbye is a song from the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album and was a number 1 hit for the Beatles in both the US and UK in 1967.

Licensing classic songs is attractive to advertisers (those with deep enough pockets) because they can then begin to trade on the cultural significance of the song. Hello Goodbye is part of the soundtrack for a whole generation (or more). By licensing the song, advertisers leverage this collective, accumulated experience channeling it to sell merchandise. But does our culture (do we) pay a price for this?

There are several spots using Hello Goodbye. Each has a different musical style or arrangement. Here is one version from YouTube.

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I like it when a band has their music used in a TV ad endorsing a product.

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[Updated April 2017]
This ad, using the Beatles’ All You Need Is Love is similar.  The song is transformed into a branding message.  The ad is for a chronic dry eye product by eyelove.

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