Student Filmmakers Reference CD-ROM

Just wanted to wrap up this series of posts about student film with a link to the Cyber Film School “Movie Encyclopedia” CD-ROM that is published by Northwest Film School (in Bellingham, WA).

This product looks to be very well organized and packed with a lot of fresh and useful information about getting your first film finished.

Contributors to the encyclopedia include heavy hitters like:

Ron Bass
Screenwriter of Snow Falling on Cedars, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Rain Man.

Lawrence Bender
Producer of Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs.

Anne V Coates
Editor of Erin Brockovich, Lawrence of Arabia.

Mark Irwin, ASC
Director of Photography of Something About Mary, Scream.

Norman Jewison
Director of The Hurricane, Moonstruck, In the Heat of The Night.

There’s a short video blurb by Ron Bass talking about screenwriting right on the site that is great advice and shows the quality of the information in the encyclopedia cd-rom.