Copyright Filtering and Digital Fingerprints come to MySpace

The New York Times reports that Myspace, faced with possible legal action, has begun offering filtering technology that will the help prevent copyrighted videos from being uploaded and re-uploaded to the site. The new technology is called “Take Down Stay Down” and was developed by Audible Magic.

The Times reports that “copyright owners [will] have access to Take Down Stay Down free of charge. If the social-networking service receives a takedown notice regarding a copyrighted clip hosted through its MySpace Videos hosting service, MySpace’s new feature will take a “digital fingerprint” of the video and add it to a copyright filter that blocks the content from being uploaded again. “(It’s) the ability to have a piece of content imprinted and put in a database so we can identify it,” said Vance Ikezoye, CEO of Audible Magic.”

Similar to YouTube’s upcoming “Claim Your Content” filtering technology, Myspace has now done something concrete to contend with the unauthorized uploading of copyrighted video by its members.

2 thoughts on “Copyright Filtering and Digital Fingerprints come to MySpace

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  2. John Fracchia

    Sadly, while Myspace is taking steps to prevent copyright violations, they are doing nothing to stop trademark infringement. I have notified them about this issue on occassions in regards to trademarks that I own and they simply advise me to resolve it with the other parties. Interestingly enough, News Corps states in their business practises that they will protect copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property. So far, I have seen no evidence to support this assertion.

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