Copyright and Process in the Age of User-Posted Content

Denis DeJong, a senior fellow at The Progress and Freedom Foundation has released a transcript from the foundation’s March 16 seminar titled What Goes Up Must Come Down: Copyright and Process in the Age of User-Posted Content. Mr DeJong is the director of the foundations’s Center for the Study of Digital Property.

The 27 page pdf transcript successfully frames the YouTube copyright infringement issue looking at remedies such as DMCA takedown notices and filtering technology.

The panel includes Donald Verrilli, a partner at Jenner & Block, the law firm that brought the suit by Viacom against YouTube and Google. Read his comments to see a glimpse of Viacom’s legal strategy. He rejects YouTube’s DMCA defense saying “And I don’t think we are getting any serious dispute from YouTube about whether this is infringing activity. After all, when these DMCA notices go to YouTube, YouTube does pull the works down… It’s not like this is a real fight about whether there is some great level of fair use or non-infringment use going on here.”

Along with Verrilli and moderator DeJong, the other panelists are Solveg Singleton, a senior adjunct fellow at The Progress & Freedom Foundation, Christian Dawson, of Servint Internet Services (in the discussion he gives the ISP side of the infringement debate) and William Rosenblatt, a recognized authority on digital media technologies.

A great discussion with very informative panelists.