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High Impact Sound Effects

For many years UniqueTracks sold sound effects series directly on its home website.  Starting this month, we are launching a new site dedicated only to sound effects and motion video backgrounds.  The site is called High Impact Sound Effects. is dedicated to bringing you the best in big-value, low-priced, professional sound effects, royalty free

High Impact Sound Effects Series

The High-Impact Sound Effects Series is a four volume set of audio imaging sound effects. Each volume includes over 300 effects. This specially-priced Sound FX package will deliver just the right shot of audio adrenaline for your media projects.


High-Impact Sound Effects Series

Volume 1 Radio Imaging
Volume 2 TV Production
Volume 3 Multimedia Elements
Volume 4 Game Design FX

Blastwave FX is a major supplier of professional sound effects to Hollywood and the game production industry. Its design and engineering teams push the sound envelope with innovative product formats, rich metadata, multi-channel libraries and the highest resolution audio that technology allows.

Blastwave FX Premium Sound Effects

Podcaster – Podcast Production FX and Music Loops
Webtones – Buttons, Clicks, Beeps, Sounds for Flash Production
Spoilers – High Definition Commercial Beds
Drones – Expressive, Dramatic Low Register Sound Beds

Each volume in the ArtLoops series presents 40+ broadcast quality animated backgrounds. The set is geared towards International Relations, High-Tech and Business projects with a series of volumes offering animated national flags, globes, and world money. There is also a unique set of all alpha elements.

ArtLoops Video Backgrounds 6 Volume Series

Volume 1 High-Impact Tech
Volume 2 National Flags
Volume 3 All Alpha Channel
Volume 4 World Money
Volume 5 Subtle Expressions
Volume 6 Global Connections


Top 10 songs for Halloween Projects

A major element of any successful horror film or Halloween ad campaign won’t be found in ghoulish effects, frightening make-up, or inspired casting. The music, the soundtrack of a horror scene, from a scorching main theme to an eerily quiet atmospheric rustling in the upper strings, can transform a good scene into a great one.

A wide range of scary soundtracks from the UniqueTracks stock music library is listed below.  More can be found on our page devoted to Halloween music.  Here, you’re sure to find the evilest, spine-tingling music you need to take your project to its ultimate fiendish perfection.

Our top ten horror/mystery soundtracks for the Halloween season:

  1. Queen of the Vampires
  2. Out of the Ruins
  3. Mysterious Passage
  4. Big Horror
  5. Dark Forces
  6. Destructive Impulses
  7. Dimension Unknown
  8. Dark Clouds
  9. Anatomy of a Nightmare
  10. Creature Feature

Also, see:

Premium Stock Music for Film, TV, Advertising and Interactive. Editor-selected, Easy Search, Fast Results UniqueTracks has a vast library of music loops and grooves plus a large selection of classical production music available for licensing into your production.

How to best use stock media in your production

UT0403_product-01Stock media companies provide ready-made media content that can be legally added to your work in a matter of minutes.

What is Stock Media? – Stock Media includes photographs, illustrations, video footage, music recordings, sound effects, Flash animations, website templates, PowerPoint backgrounds, and clipart.

Many stock music companies refer to themselves as libraries because, like a library, they carry a broad array of materials that tries to satisfy a wide range of tastes and needs.

Licensed Not Sold – With stock media, what you are really buying is a license that gives you permission to use the material you’re interested in.

Once you have a license you don’t, in fact, own the material. It is still owned by the stock media company. They remain the copyright holders. Your license lets you legally use the material in your production.  There are two main types of stock licenses.

  1. Rights Managed – The price of a Rights Managed license depends on how you wish to use the media you’re interested in.  For instance, is it going to be used in a national advertising campaign or is it for your company brochure?  Is it being considered for a PowerPoint presentation or is it going to be used in a motion picture?  Each usage has a different price.A Rights Managed license also takes into consideration how long you will use the media. Periods usually range from 3 months to several years.  If you are going to include the material in a product, your license will be based on how many pieces you plan to manufacture.  With a right managed license, at the end of the license period, you no longer have permission to use the media. Your relationship with the company ends (unless you extend your license).
  2. Royalty Free – Royalty free means you are not charged a fee for each separate commercial use of the media. You can use the material as often as you’d like for as long as you’d like. You pay an initial fee for the license and are then free and clear of any further licensing restraints. Licensing is fast and easy, with one price you acquire synchronization rights to use the music as background music in your production.

A Rights Managed license is more expensive Why? Usually, the production values for Rights Managed media is higher.  The media has more of a professional sheen than royalty free media.  Also, in some cases, for instance, a Rights Managed photo, the stock company will remove the photo from circulation for the period of your license.  No one else can use it.

This is a huge advantage for Rights Managed licenses. It protects against simultaneous use – so your competitor won’t be using the same photo as you to launch their ad campaign. When you use royalty free content, there is no such protection. The same photo or music track may be being used by hundreds of companies at the same time.

The question to ask is…is this important to me? Do I care if another company is using this image or this particular web template? If you do, then you will want to pursue a Rights Managed solution. If on the other hand, it really doesn’t matter to you, then you’ll want to take a serious look at royalty free media because it is so much cheaper.

Stock by any other name – Rights Managed recordings are also known as “needle-drops” in the stock music world. This name came from the days of actually lowering a phonograph needle onto a record to place the music into a production. With compact discs in the 1980s, it started to be called a “laser-drop”.   Both terms are confusing.  I find Rights Managed to be a much better description.

Royalty free is sometimes called “buy out”. I’ve also seen it referred to as “copyright-free” but this is really an error. The material is in fact fully copyrighted by the stock media company.

UniqueTracks is a stock music company that offers Rights Managed licensing.  This means each license is written for your exact usage.  We began licensing stock music in 1998.  For more information about our recordings and music licensing packages, please visit us at

New podcast studio software from Apple and M-Audio

I’ve been watching Steve Jobs’ keynote address at the recent 2006 MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. As always, there are a lot of great new enhancements to Apple products.

Of special interest to me was the new Podcast studio, an addition to Apple’s GarageBand software .

The new GarageBand includes a built-in Speech Enhancer which optimizes sound for your gender and vocal range, improving the sound of your voice and simulating a professional microphone, even when you’re not using one. And a dynamic “ducking” effect automatically reduces music volume when you speak, so your listeners always hear the talk above the tunes. These are features common in radio stations and radio production studios so it’s quite a nice addition to the package. UniqueTracks royalty free music is fully compatible with GarageBand.

I’m wondering if any of you use GarageBand for podcasting. It does seem very easy to get up and running with a podcast very fast.

One thing about GarageBand that has always bothered me is its name.

A true garage band really is something that emerges spontaneously from a group of friends’ love of music – it’s not a software package – it’s a bunch of people who learn to make music together the old fashioned way, by actually rehearsing and playing it, trying things over and over, arguing, learning what works, learning to cooperate – becoming musicians in the process. There is a rawness, honesty and authenticity to the sound of a real garage band.

In fact Steve Van Zant (Springsteen E Street member) has a critically acclaimed radio show devoted solely to “garage” music. Little Steven’s Underground Garage. You can bet none of the music broadcast on this show was made using Apple’s GarageBand.

Instead of the garage, Apple should have turned to areas of the home where this product actually gets used – like the bedroom or the kitchen table or the den.
If you have experience with GarageBand, please post it here. Let me know if you have created a successful podcast or any other project.

If you create your own podcasts, you may be interested in our Podcaster production music and sound effects product.

Just releasedPodcaster – Podcast Production Toolkit. This massive collection by Blastwave FX has been created especially for Podcast producers. Podcaster has everything you need to produce a professional podcast. Add podcast theme music or just a beat loop to your intro and immediately give a focus to your show. With over 500 sound effects this set will let you underscore the humorous, contentious and exciting moments of your podcast.

Podcast Music Licensing and Performing Rights Organizations

I found this description and discussion of music licensing for podcasters very informative. If you do any type of internet broadcasting, you may be interested in how Performing Rights Organizations are looking at this latest internet broadcasting technology.

Should Podcasters have to pay a fee for the right to play copyrighted songs during a Podcast? Yes, says ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. There’s also a good discussion of how much that licensing will cost.

Just releasedPodcaster – Podcast Production Toolkit. This massive collection by Blastwave FX has been created especially for Podcast producers. Podcaster has everything you need to produce a professional podcast. Add podcast theme music or just a beat loop to your intro and immediately give a focus to your show. With over 500 sound effects this set will let you underscore the humorous, contentious and exciting moments of your podcast.